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Je te remercie pour ton professionnalisme et tes judicieux conseils pour la mise en marché de ma propriété et la vente ultra rapide au delà de mes espérances vendu à 99.5% du prix en 5 jours seulement.
Highly recommended!
Another major shout out / recommendation to make ... If you're looking to sell and or buy Wassim Ibrahim is a must. Wassim first sold us on how quickly he can get your property sold. He wasn't lying. Our condo sold on week 2 after being listed. Looking to buy? Not only will he respect your wish list he is the type of agent who truly is working for you. He not only seeks what's on your wish list he ensures your potential home is ''healthy'' he knows what to look out for. He understands how homes are built and therefore can quickly point out things that you may not have caught. Great guy, who works with an awesome team. Highly recommended!
Tiffany Francis Bagnato
Clients heureux!
Honnête , respectueux et très dynamique . C'est Wassim Ibrahim !
Nous sommes heureux et très satisfaits de votre travail de qualité , de votre professionnalisme et surtout de votre service impeccable !!!

Un grand merci Wassim pour tout !
Frida Habre
Satisfied client!
Working with Wassim to purchase my new home has been a wonderful experience. Throughout the process, he was extremely professional, and he always went to the extra mile with my best interest at heart. He exceeded my expectations as buyer’s agent. Now I have found my new home, I am confident that he will do an amazing job selling my current home.
Jie Zhang